With so many tightly-knit people working together, we're more like a family than coworkers.

Adaptavant is all about making work better, and that includes how we work. We can't help but feel like a family since our culture creates close bonds between people. Creating small teams to work on projects make this possible. We love giving people the freedom to be themselves and express their ideas openly amongst their peers. We get more fun and innnovative results that way.

You'll use Google+ and Facebook, video chat, IM and Google Docs to share ideas and collateral between coworkers in India and North America.

Camaraderie isn't just a 9-to-5 thing.

Sometimes it's good to get out. Field trips and after-work excursions encourage creativity and perspective as well as creating tight bonds between co-workers. From time to time, we host international work exchanges with our friends with international travel. To build on the family mantra, when co-workers get married, we're there to help celebrate. The friendships here are real.

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