People come to us from all over, and in very interesting ways.
Here are a few of their stories.

Maha: Big-picture Project Manager

The daughter of a politician, Maha came up through the ranks studying engineering in Visakhapatnam. During her final exams, she received a call for a job interview for a Java programmer at a Chennai tech company.
She got the job and willingly worked 14-16 hour days, developing her skills until it was time to further her career somewhere new. The day she turned in her resignation, she received a call from the HR department at Adaptavant. She was very excited! Maha participated in 5 interviews before she finally landed the job. Maha mentors a team of 10+ members, manages three projects, and recites her daily mantra “Get the work done.”

“Everyone on the team works like a family. No one treated me like a stranger or a newcomer.”

Mani: Wicked sharp developer

Mani grew up in a small coastal village where computers were nonexistent. After high school, Mani volunteered at the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation where he learned all about computers. His interest flourished while attending university and became an expert in programming languages HTML and CSS. He also received a Microsoft Certification. Not only that, but Mani gradually taught himself English to better prepare for communication in the tech world. Mani traveled a long way from his village to Chennai to be with us. His expertise in back-end-development and the ability to single handedly get a room full of people to burst out in laughter make him an integral part of the team at Adaptavant.

“I'm proud to have overcome many of life's obstacles to get me to Adaptavant.”

Iswari: On-the-rise technical writer

A graduate in engineering with a talent for writing, Iswari was eager to enter the IT domain. Fortunately, one of her close friends told her about a job opening and persued it diligently. She wanted to develop her skills more, so she took a relevant night course at ICON-Centre for Training & Career Advancement Private Limited in Chennai that offers International Certification in Technical Writing. Iswari then put her mind to move up the ladder and landed at Adaptavant. She enjoys working with all the teams and sometimes gets out to sing a little karaoke with them.

“I get to work independently. The environment here has loads of freedom.”

Here are some job titles that we hire for on a consistent basis.


Do you dream in code? Are you the first one in line to explore new web based technologies? Do you have expert knowledge in XHTML, CSS, Java and mobile applications? Do you have great ideas for web apps? Then we'd love to see your syntax wizardry.



Would your life be complete knowing one of your app designs is being used by people all over the world? If you live and breathe digital design, have HTML and CSS knowledge and have a desire to make everything beautiful in Photoshop, we want to talk to you.


Project Managers

Do you love web technology? Is multi-tasking your favorite hobby? Are you all about the details? It takes an agile mind to keep this ship on course so we need people who can juggle multiple projects and understand the technical details to see them through to completion.


Client Services

Is your smile contagious? Are you a people person? Are you a natural with phone systems? How about leading meetings? Do you organize your life meticulously? Then you would be a great fit in Client Services. Show us your skills in a crafty cover letter and resume.

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